Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to be home when you perform the gutter cleaning?

A. Absolutely not! In fact, the majority of our customers are either at work or enjoying their free time while we perform our service. Simply ensure that outside water is available and that you leave a check or pre-pay by credit card.

Q. How can I pay for the gutter cleaning?

A. We accept cash, check, and Visa™ and MasterCard™ when the service is complete.

Q. What factors can impact the Gutter Cleaning?

A. The following can, in extreme cases, make sections of gutter or downspouts inaccessible by ladder and/or roof for cleaning:

• Weather
• Power Lines
• Buildings & Other Structures 
• Obstructions
• Wasps & Other Inhabitants of Your Roof Line 
• Contractors Booked Same Day 
• Larger foundation than normal, making the roofline out of reach. 

*If these or any other condition exists, that will impact your service, we will notify you at the time of service.

Filled Gutters

Contact our power-washing contractor in Fall River, Massachusetts, with any other questions you have regarding our services.